Easy DIY Swirly Landscape Painting

I saw a friend’s painting on facebook and I loved it…

Isn’t it lovely and fantastic? And I thought Hey! I bet I could do that! …Or something not quite as good but still vaguely like it…

And as luck would have it, I had several sheets of super thin plywood in our garage. Voila, free pseudo canvases!

So I squirt a little bit of blue all over the top two thirds (below left)… Then I add a few drops of a darker blue and swish those about a la cirrus clouds while the light blue’s still wet (below right)…

Next, cast a little [sun]light on the subject… So far, I’ve just used one brush for both the blue and yellow paints. I like these [very inexpensive] 3″ foam ones for fast coverage (below right)…

Then add green grass and several drips of paint in a semi-straight line to make the tree (below left)… The trick with the tree is just to get the bottom slightly wider than the top; other than that, it’s just a basic line with a few slightly curved lines (branches) coming off it (below right)…

Then get to swirling… White swirls in the sky, green & blue swirls on the branches, and red swirly flowers (I used smaller bristle brushes for these details)… See my super fancy palette? Yeah, it’s a paper plate. I’m classically trained like that.

Whoa nelly! Sissy’s up from nap! Time to wrap this up!

I might tweak the tree swirls and maybe add a verse to the bottom… But there you have it!

Have you ever seen a painting and thought I bet I could do that!?

I say GO FOR IT! Get tangled up, just tango on! Wheeee!


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5 responses to “Easy DIY Swirly Landscape Painting

  1. Bright, cheerful and inspiring! Makes me think I could do that. Hmmmm. Thank you for sharing your creativity.


  2. I did it! I did it! Well, sorta. 😉 I gave it a good shot, anyway. I posted about it today and included some links with a shout out to you, Gina. Thanks for your DIY stuff!! Blessings from Paraguay.


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