It’s Not That I Hate The Easter Bunny {But I Kinda Do}

Okay, it’s not that I hate the easter bunny and think he’s evil or going to destroy my kids’ lives or lead them into witchcraft and all sorts of depravity or anything. I mean I love a theme…

But it’s just that there is something so much radically beyond better to celebrate than bunnies and chicks and eggs that they all seem like a waste of time and energy in comparison…

The Savior voluntarily died a gruesome death to pay the penalty I could never pay and rose again to offer me a life I could never gain…

Jen Hatmaker says it so much better than I ever could… Jen, take it away?

Click here to read her brilliant, insightful, witty post (it will open in a new tab/window)…

“That is why we celebrate. May we never become so enamored by the substitutions of this world that we forget.”

{Then come back here and share your thoughts, k? I’d love to know!}


2 responses to “It’s Not That I Hate The Easter Bunny {But I Kinda Do}

  1. We don’t make a BIG deal out of the Easter Bunny in our house, but we do still leave the baskets and candy out. We talk more about Jesus and his sacrifice and less about the Bunny. But those Cadbury Eggs are just so delicious and I do loves me some Peeps. I shovel them happily into my mouth while thinking about how lucky I am to have a Lord that loves me.


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