Back-Lighting The {fruits of the Spirit} Fence Plank Art

What’s that you say, you expected me to actually be done with my Christmas front porch decorating already? Oh pish–having that done by December 1st is so passe. [Um, right??]

front porch progress

Hmm, maybe not. BUT here’s the progress… I got just a little further than this, then I ran out of garland. DRAT! Oh well, there’s always tomorrow!

Christmas ornament ball wreath

However, as I was cutting down the tomato cages for different size “trees,” I found myself with some spare parts… that looked a lot like wreath forms… so I spent a little quality time loading a loop with pink & green balls before realizing I would not have enough… So I removed them all and tried again with pink, green, yellow, and blue ones… But I did not like the way that looked… So I had a third run at it with pink, green, silver, and small silver… And I really liked the way that was shaping up… Until I ran out of silver balls… And some of the other balls from the wreath started popping off their little hanger clips.

And just like that I was so over it. I removed all the balls and put them all back in their boxes. Oi.

What I needed was a little craft victory. A little project completion. Fast. Before I fell into despair. Before I did something really rash and disreputable (you know, like break out some glitter or something).

backlit fence art lights

So I grabbed a box of these bad boys and wrapped them around the fence plank scripture art piece thingie.

backlit fence plank art night

Shazaam. Instant gratification. And although I am not savvy enough to get a fantastically lit photo of a backlit piece, you’re just going to have to take my word for it that it looks kind of fantastic.

backlit fence art daytime

Since the fence plank scripture art piece thingie’s slat’s are joined across the back by smaller cuts of fence planks, there’s a nice 3/4″ or so between the painted part and the wall. [You can read all about the fence plank scripture art piece thingie construction here if that catches your fancy.] So I literally wrapped the lights around the underside perimeter, stuffing the extra back into the crevice created between the two braces.

backlit fence art from the living room

It has a lovely, soft, ambient glow in the evenings that I just lurve. And with all the mayhem usually going on around here, we could use a little ambiance.

So, anyone else out there using Christmas tree lights in a different way this year? Do tell! I love to read your comments.


I love to read your comments... Do tell!

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