Fantastic Teacher Gift Ideas Round Up

Oh my gracious y’all, I have all these Christmas-y posts that I’ve forgotten to post! Let the handmade gift and decor goodness begin!

Okay, so you know my love of giving a good gift, and who more deserving than our kids’ teachers? Not too many, I can tell ya!

I’ve got a new one for you… But first, have you seen these other great teacher gift posts? [Click through link or image.]

charm bracelet teacher class gift 09

So besides this charm bracelet (each student sends in a charm on the DL and class mom attaches to charm bracelet)…

spring break teacher gift basket

…And this chillaxin’ gift (full of color-coordinated relaxation-geared goodies)…

teacher memory book 05

…Or this memory book (compiled with pictures and handwritten letters from students)…

02 teacher name sign holley in progress

…Or this teacher name sign

01peppermint bark

…Or this peppermint bark, YUMMO…

gift basket 01

…And don’t forget this quintessential guide to gift basketing on a budget

teacher supply gift basket

…You might want to go for mixing business with pleasure for your child’s teacher this Christmas. Teachers pay beaucoup out of their own pockets for class supplies in any given school year, so why not put together a gift basket that is chock full of items they need… And then also add a big fat giftcard to a favorite place for them personally too, OF COURSE!

If everyone pitches in a bit, you can give one awesome, intentional gift (rather than 20 “World’s Best Teacher” mugs full of candy). How cool would that be? WINNING!

So, what are you giving your child’s teacher this year? Do tell!


CampClem banner and menu little happies

And if you need more gift making or gift giving inspiration, check out the “little happies” page! Wheeee!


3 responses to “Fantastic Teacher Gift Ideas Round Up

  1. Haha, Gina, I have to tell you what we are doing for Amelia’s teacher this year. Well, for the first time, she had a male teacher (that narrows it down, doesn’t it?) so my usual gift of Bath and Bodyworks candles didn’t seem as appropriate. So I asked Amelia what she thought he would like. Her response? Well, he likes to go kayaking, so maybe we could buy him a kayak? !!! We compromised with a gift card to Frugal Backpacker, so he can put it towards a kayak. Kids! So generous and so clueless.


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