DIY Christmas Tree Skirt: Whimsical Village

So, a couple of years ago, I decided to make a tree skirt.

001 tree skirt all done'

Up until that point, I’d just wrapped apiece of fabric around the base of the tree. So we weer about to get an upgrade!

02 tree skirt fabrics

The first thing I did was pull out some red and green scraps.

01 tree skirt brainstorming

I started playing around and laying them out.

03 tree skirt the math

Then–WAY overthinking it–I worked out the math so that my pie slices would be perfect. [Yes, I’m a dork.]

05 tree skirt cutting pieces

So once I had my placement figured out, I started cutting pieces.

06 tree skirt more cutting pieces

My math worked, who knew!

07 tree skirt rethinking middle

Once all the pieces were cut, i was ready to sew…

08 tree skirt more rethinking middle

Right after I rethought the middle section and added some black damask in there… yuou know, since this wasn’t looking busy enough as it was??

09 tree skirt rethinking house placement'

Then I rethought where I wanted the little houses–maybe scooched down onto the green border a bit?

001 tree skirt all done'

Okay, so the trick with sewing this–as with most quilts–is to sew the straight sections first, and then piece those together, so you’re not trying to add pieces at corners. So I would sew one complete pie slice at a time before moving on to the next. Once the pie slices were all sewn, I sewed them each together along the straight side, easy peasy. [I left the first slice and the last unconnected, of course, so I could easily slip this around a tree trunk or stand.] Then I added a red ruffled border all the way around.

11 tree skirt under tree

And that was that!

10 tree skirt in place'

Umm… but can I just confess something for a moment? I’ve never truly loved it… so I’m thinking of making another. Just as whimsical, hopefully, but perhaps a little less busy?! So, if you love this, keep your eyes peeled for a giveaway (maybe next Nov/Dec?) of one handmade, gently used tree skirt! Wheeee!

So tell me, is your tree skirted? Handmade or store bought? Or perhaps your tree is in a basket or bucket? Tres chic! Do tell!


4 responses to “DIY Christmas Tree Skirt: Whimsical Village

  1. I’m so NOT creative with my tree skirt. I’ve been looking for a skirt for many years, but nothing has really caught my eye…yet. I’m still trying to get more adept at sewing, so maybe I’ll just make one…one day. In the meantime, my tree is skirted with a $5.00 flat red twin sheet from Walmart. Boring…but skirted. πŸ™‚


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