Simple DIY Christmas Bunting

We were pretty sparing with our Christmas decorations this year. Very often we buy a tacky red and green felt-backed tablecloth and keep it on the kitchen table all month as we are often crafting and cookie decorating in December. Gumdrop tree… nativities… a million funky kid-made ornaments and kitsch…But as our house is on the market, we want to keep things clean and relatively neutral.

simple DIY Christmas pennant 001But the chalkboard did not escape a little touch.

simple DIY Christmas pennant 05This scrap pennant has spent the past eleven months bunged into a Christmas decorations box, but it was so happy to see the light of day again. It was a super simple craft, made with the same scraps as our tree skirt and rag wreath. I do just love what you can do with a few good scraps!

simple DIY Christmas pennant 03To make it, I simply cut the scraps into triangles, then sewed them straight onto a long grosgrain ribbon…

simple DIY Christmas pennant 04Once the fabric was attached, I flipped the pieces all down to cover where the raw edges met the ribbon and then top-sewed them. This project almost couldn’t have been simpler!

simple DIY Christmas pennant 02I’ve swagged this across my fireplace mantle before, or across the front of the refinished buffet in the foyer.

simple DIY Christmas pennant 06But just draped over the corners, it was a perfect touch for the chalkboard this year and adds a lovely bit of Christmas color and cheer.

simple DIY Christmas pennant 06'Wheeee! blog signature


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