How To Make A Customized Teacher Name Sign {on the cheap}

It’s day three of National Teacher Appreciation Week around here, and we are loving it!

01 teacher name sign supplies

I got a little crafty for today’s gift. I grabbed these foam letter stamps (just over $2 on clearance from Joann!), a three-pack of 8″ x 10″ flat panel canvases (also from JoAnn, around $5), some ribbon, paint, paint pens, a couple of sheets of scrapbook paper, tacky glue, and duct tape.

Here’s how you make a personalized teacher name sign:

02 teacher name sign holley in progress

Brush just a bit of paint onto the stamps so it didn’t get gloppy and stamped out the teacher’s name. Her class theme is dogs, so I grabbed this little wooden dog house for under $1 to add to her name sign. I outlined and polka dotted her name with a paint pen and added a cute border and doggie footprints.

03 teacher name sign whit beck cow detail

Li’l Bro’s preschool teachers got a freehand cow on their board (their class theme).

04 teacher name sign whit beck back duct tape

Next, to attach a ribbon hanger, first glue (I used tacky glue because it works SO well) then duct tape the ribbon ends in place. It’s that easy!

05 teacher name sign holley duct tape back

Of course, it’s not so pretty…

06 teacher name sign holley paper backing

So cut a piece of color-coordinating scrapbook paper to size (i.e. 8″ x 10″), and glue it on the back of the sign to cover it completely.

07 teacher name sign holley back message

Now, not only is your sign’s back prettified…

08 teacher name sign whit beck back note

…But you also have a great spot to jot a note of thanks!

09 teacher name sign holley finished

And before you can say bob’s your uncle, you’ve got a cutie personalized sign…

10 teacher name sign whit beck finished

…or two for your teachers! Huzzah!

11 teacher name sign both

These can hang at the teachers’ doors or anywhere they like.

12 teacher gift washi tape

I also threw in some fun washi tape (I picked up a few 3-packs for $1 each at Habitat For Humanity HomeStore a couple of weeks ago), some post-its for Big Bro’s teacher, and some cute stationery for Li’l’s.

13 teacher name sign holley giftbag

The goodies went into a simple gift bag with a thin cardboard & ribbon tag (I just clipped the corners of a cardboard rectangle to make it “tag” shaped). And voila! Another day of teacher appreciation goodness, wheeeeee!

What are you doing for your teachers this week? Do tell!


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