Teacher Appreciation Week: How To Maximize Gift Giving {on a budget}

Today we gave our preschool teachers a class gift basket. Sometimes I think a group gift is just the way to go. It definitely helps avoid your child’s teacher getting twenty bottles of Bath & Body Works soap or a bunch of candy or tchotchkes she just doesn’t really want or need.

preschool class gift basket

I sent home a note to our preschoolers’ class laying out the plan and including a list of class supply needs (which I got from the teachers). Families were asked to contribute something from the list or $3. [$3 does not go far, but when you pool it together with your whole class, you end up with much more and are able to get a really nice gift!] This seems to work out well because for those who do not have the time or energy to go shopping, they can simply send in a few dollars; But for those who love to shop for gifts, they can do so! Some families will choose not to participate and some families will go above and beyond, but in my seven years of organizing things like this, we’ve never fallen short of having a wonderful and filled gift basket for the teacher(s).

preschool class gift

We all went in together to get our precious teachers Clorox wipes, Visa & iTunes gift cards (for computer learning games), sharpies, Barnes & Noble gift cards, and Starbucks giftcards.

I’m so happy with the variety and generosity that our class families shared! [You rock at showing our teachers how much they rock! Thank you!!]

Oh! And I can not WAIT to share what we’re giving tomorrow, wheeeeee!

Have you ever organized (or received) a class gift before? How did it work out for you?


And y’all, I just love giving gifts! See the links below where I babble on and on [and on] about giving gifts, how to make affordable gift baskets, gift ideas, etc…

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