Teacher Appreciation Week: Collected Class Bouquet

With Teacher’s Appreciation Week going on and Mother’s Day fast approaching, I am excited to share this thoughtful and almost-free gift idea.

teacher gift class bouquet 05

We are spending the week with different “theme” days for our elementary teachers. Today’s gift is a class bouquet. Each child was asked to bring in a flower. It can be store bought, garden picked, or homemade. I love that this allows for flexibility and creativity, so the bouquet will end up as colorful and varied as the teacher’s students. 🙂

teacher gift class bouquet 1

I printed up a couple of tags on colored cardstock with a sort of flower-student poem I made up.

teacher gift class bouquet 2

I grabbed a jar (left) and a vase (right) that I had on hand and tied on the tags with a wide ribbon. [I also added a piece of scrapbook paper to the jar to dress it up a bit.]

teacher gift class bouquet 3

Then since I [of course!] forgot to buy flowers, I made a couple of tissue paper flowers this morning to get the bouquet started. And actually, I think I like these better than real flowers! [I’ve never made tissue paper flowers before, but they are so easy! Here’s the link to the tutorial I watched. I used a pipe cleaner rather than string so the flower had a “stem” too.]

teacher gift class bouquet 4

And voila! One class bouquet started! I hope all the kids add to it and it is full and perfect by day’s end! Wheeeeeeeee!

We are doing this for Teacher Appreciation Week, but how great would it be to have each of the kids make/choose a couple of flowers to add to a Mother’s Day bouquet for mom? Huzzah!

So what are y’all doing for Teacher Appreciation Week?


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  4. Where did you collect the flowers? Did you collect them before class to turn in the group bouquet all assembled or did you place the vases on the teachers’ desks and have the students add their flowers as they checked into the classroom?


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