It’s Bus Driver Appreciation Week! {show some love}

Hey, did you know it’s Bus Driver Appreciation Week?! Although we don’t have any bus riders here at CampClem, I have a deep appreciation and respect for what bus drivers do, escorting precious ones to and from school each day. And you know how I love a theme!

So, when I was asked by our PTO prez to help with treats for them, I was thrilled to jump in!

And it’s not too late for you to show a little love to your children’s bus drivers. A $5 Starbucks or Sonic giftcard, a hand-written note of thanks, or a few homemade brownies could go a long way to show your appreciation.

For our elementary school’s bus drivers, bus riders, and substitute bus drivers, a few moms joined forces to put together goodie bags.

Here’s what we did & how we did it:

bus driver appreciation 03

If you have a network of other school mammas, it is pretty easy to get some volunteers to bake up some goodness. I asked the moms who volunteered to provide thirteen individually wrapped and labeled treats (one for each of the thirteen bus drivers, riders, and substitute drivers).

bus driver appreciation 04

Here’s a sampling of the yumminess. It’s got to be some sort of miracle that I didn’t sample the goods! šŸ˜‰

bus driver appreciation 01

Next, I googled school bus images and chose a cute one to include on the tags I set up in Word. I printed four to a page onto cardstock.

bus driver appreciation 02

I cut the pages into quarters, then clipped the top corners and hole-punched the tops.

bus driver appreciation 05

Next, I set up an assembly line of thirteen lunch sacks and filled them with all the treats.

bus driver appreciation 06

Then Big Bro and I folded over the bags, stapled and hole-punched them, and added the tags tied on with ribbon.

bus driver appreciation 07

Finally, simply load them all up and drop them off at your school’s office (I got a list of names from our PTO president and labeled each bag with a name).

Of course, if you have a bus rider, and you are doing this for his/her specific driver(s), you could send the treats on the bus with your child to deliver personally.

And it’s not too late: it’s Bus Driver Appreciation Week all week long!

So anyone else going to send in a little treat tomorrow or Friday to show the love? Wheeee!


9 responses to “It’s Bus Driver Appreciation Week! {show some love}

  1. I just wanted to say thank you for posting this. I am now retired, but I drove a school bus for many years. The drivers are often overlooked and under appreciated. I always felt like I was seen as the “fast food worker” of the school experience. The fact is we are very well trained and must go through a rigorous process to obtain and maintain our license and certifications. So thank you! šŸ™‚


    • I deserve ZERO of the credit–our amazing PTO president has a real heart for others and got the ball rolling. But it is so nice to hear that something like this is appreciated. Awesome!


  2. Individuals really appreciate links to the images used or better yet if you provide your design as a printable. It will drive traffic to your blog as well šŸ™‚


  3. I LOVE this printable!! Would you consider sharing it? I’d love to use this for my end of the year bus driver gifts. Thank you!


    • Sadly, I cannot because it is not my image (but if you google “school bus,” you will be able to locate it easily. Then I used simple WordArt in Word to lay it out. Hope that helps! Sorry I cannot provide the full printable!


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