Simple, Fast, Beautiful Handmade Gifts: Ruffle Towels

Well, after I made Sissy’s ruffle shirt last week, I put myself in a total ruffling mood.

So I pulled out some of our home decor fabric and cut a couple of strips, then set to work making another hand towel for the kitchen.

I used one of the leftover towels from the last time I made a [more taylored] towel for the kitchen, and I cut the fabric strips about twice the width of the open towel.

Then just scrunch up some of the fabric a few inches at a time and sew it down, and repeat the length of the strip (if there is extra fabric strip, just cut it off). Then add another rrrrrrrow of rrrrrrruflles (I like to rrrrrrrrrroll my rrrrrrrrrrrrrr’s). 🙂


…But then I got to thinking, these would make awesome gifts, non?!

So I grabbed some fall/Thanksgivingsy brown and green microcords and green strip seersucker. For these, I just tore the strips (fast & very therapeutic: just start each strip with a scissors snip, then tear a perfectly straight line every time!).

[Hmm… it’s so fast and therapeutic that I went a little strip-rip crazy, haha.] I grabbed a little red microcord & green stripe seersucker for Christmas colors, too.

Then, just like with Sissy’s ruffle shirt and our towel (from above), I scrunched and sewed, scrunched and sewed…

And before I could say “bob’s your uncle,” i had two more towels done, one just right for fall/Thanksgiving and one perfect for Christmas!


To “wrap” them, I grabbed a couple of pieces of thin cardboard  make gift tags (snip the corners and hole-punch to thread color-coordinated ribbon). Voila! A perfect hostess or family member or teacher or neighbor or friend or coworker or WHOEVER gift! Huzzah!


3 responses to “Simple, Fast, Beautiful Handmade Gifts: Ruffle Towels

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  2. So, so cute! I am pinning this so I can remember it for sure! And it’s cracking me up that you are using “viola” instead of “voila”…I used to play the viola in college… 😉


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