Pinterest Craft Party {neighborhood moms’ group}

We are blessed to have a neighborhood moms’ group. How cool is that? We get together to open God’s Word, have preschool playdates, getaway to moms’ night out’s, and craft at Pinterest parties. How completely fun and awesome is that?? I’m sort of blown away by what a unique and incredible blessing it is to live in a community like this.

moms' night out pinterest craft party 001

I got to host our last Pinterest party, and I was pretty stinkin’ excited. I mean, seriously, girlfriends AND craftiness AND yummy food. I just, I can’t.

moms' night out pinterest craft party 002

So the kiddos helped me set up, especially Big Bro who helped me bring in a second table. I had the dining room table cleared and ready with scissors and glue. [The tu-tu turned bunting hung in there.]

moms' night out pinterest craft party 005

I also hung our “inspiration piece” on a command hook. This is my friend Terra’s garden flag. I can’t tell you how happy it made me to pull up to her house and steal it right off her mailbox. I love having a friend who I know won’t mind me doing crazy things like that. Is that weird?

moms' night out pinterest craft party 003

The table Big Bro helped me bring in went in the foyer next to the dining room table, so even if we were spread between two tables, we’d still be together.

moms' night out pinterest craft party 004

I put paints, wipes, paintbrushes, and paper plates (paint palettes) onto this table. I try to have everything out and easily accessible.

use what you've got tablescape--burlap, weeds, and lemons 10

Then when the girls showed up, they brought all sorts of Pinterest-inspired yumminess for us to all enjoy! The food went on the kitchen table (you know, the one whose chairs I just refinished!). [And I talk about the weed, lemon, and burlap “use what you have” tablescape here.]

moms' night out pinterest craft party 006

Then we dug in! So much yummy food and fun girl talk!

moms' night out pinterest craft party 007

After we ate, we moved on to crafting! We have a Pinterest board of ideas we all pin to, then one of the girls in the group set up a facebook poll on our page, and we chose the top two most popular choices to all do together.

moms' night out pinterest craft party 008

For the garden flags, we cut burlap strips, folded them over, and sewed around the edges to leave a pocket for a rod. A couple of girls were measuring and cutting, I was sewing, and others were starting to paint. Perfect! We used little foam stippling brushes to easily make polka dots.

moms' night out pinterest craft party 009

Then we added our family name initials.

moms' night out pinterest craft party 010

Some girls added bows. I loved to see the different color choices! Such creativity! [I think this aqua, yellow, and pink one is my favorite combo!]

moms' night out pinterest craft party 011

We also made little flower pots for our teachers. Chalk paint on the bottom, yellow paint on the top (although some without teachers yet did variations on top, like lavender or pink, to match their kids’ decor).

moms' night out pinterest craft party 012

So cute! We even had an expert handwriter in our midst. No one had to be really crafty to have a good time and end up with a good result! YAY!

moms' night out pinterest craft party 013

Of course no Pinterest party is complete without some sort of flub, right? I thought writing our names on the bottom of our glasses with wet-erase chalkboard markers might be a good move, but the condensation from the cold drinks ended up washing the names off. And this sherbert punch tasted pretty good, but it looked increasingly grody as the night wore on. Haha, NAILED IT. 🙂

Have you ever hosted a pinterest party? So fun, I highly recommend it!!

[AND… Have you entered to win a Pick Your Plum box full of crafty goodies? Entries close tonight! Go see that post here!]


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  4. I always wondered how to have a Pinterest party. I am in “charge” of organizing a monthly get together, but I am always afraid of picking an idea that no one else will like. I love the idea of having a pinterest board we can all pin to! Thanks for sharing!!!


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