Another Neighborhood Crafty Party {and a disaster averted}

The girls came over to the Camp again for another craft extravaganza! I LOVE THAT! Last time I decorated the table with weeds and lemons, and this time it was weeds again. As well as the tablescape changing up a bit each month, the crafts do too! We usually poll our neighborhood moms’ group and choose a couple of projects to tackle, as time allows. SO FUN!

01 neighborhood moms craft night

This time we chose to do t-shirt refashions and canvas paintings. [We’re talking about doing giant ruler height charts next month.]

02 neighborhood moms craft night t-shirt to tank

For the girls who refashioned their t-shirts into tanks, we followed the directions I originally found in the simple tutorial here.

03 neighborhood moms craft night

We also made a whole heap of t-shirt ruffle dresses. [Here’s the super simple tutorial I did for that project, including lots of step-by-step pics.]

04 neighborhood moms craft night

Here’s Paige guesstimating if the neck elastic will be long enough to stretch over her daughter’s head but short enough that it doesn’t slip off her shoulders. There was some very technical measuring going on.

05 neighborhood moms craft night tshirt to dress

Several of us refashioned VBS t-shirts into totally cute dresses (thereby spurring my need to do a little som’in som’in extra for Sis’s dress and my dress…).

06 neighborhood moms craft night

We also painted canvases. I just set out my [ahem, slightly overboard] stash of acrylic craft paints…

07 neighborhood moms craft night

…And a whole lot of brushes.

08 neighborhood moms craft night paintings

I was so impressed with everyone’s creativity and talent!

09 neighborhood moms craft night painting elephant

Jennifer did a pair of paintings to match her kiddos’ shower curtain.

10 neighborhood moms craft night painting detail

They turned out SO CUTE! [And yes, she is totally a first grade teacher!! So talented!]

11 neighborhood moms craft night painting

Meredith painted this serene scene of dandelions she saw on pinterest. [I prefer yours to the original, Meredith!]

12 neighborhood moms craft night

All in all, it was a fun and creatively productive evening. And I was particularly proud that my less crafty girlfriends jumped on the sewing machine, cut up perfectly good clothes, or grabbed a paint brush–some for the first time in years or ever!

13 neighborhood moms craft night dress hole

But then DISASTER STRUCK!! Well, almost struck when Paige had just finished her hard efforts only to notice a small hole in her daughter’s newly made dress!

14 neighborhood moms craft night

But you know what we say around here: get tangled up; just tango on! So we added a piece of green ric-rac for a stem and a box-fold felt flower to embellish (i.e. cover) the hole.

15 neighborhood moms craft night

Now that’s what I call a happy accident! I think it looks even better with the flower detail!

pinterest party weed arrangement tablescape 09

So with a little craftiness and a lot of laughter, we had another great night of creative fun. [Of course, don’t forget the weedy floral arrangement and fantastic pinterest-inspired food we all shared too!]

Have you ever hosted a craft party? It’s so fun for me to gather crafty and craft-challenged friends together to make something wonderful in community. And to laugh. And to EAT copious amounts of delicious food. Don’t forget that part. Very important.


One response to “Another Neighborhood Crafty Party {and a disaster averted}

  1. I’m inspired to do some canvas painting! Whole lot of fun going on in your ‘hood and that is wonderful!


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