Beef Up A Canvas {with an old frame, made over}

I feel like I am always painting old picture frames creamy white, then sanding them and dirtying them up to perfection, but since it’s been a while since I did a post on how I do it, I thought I’d share this little project with you today on the frame I did for a DIY canvas I mentioned last April.

14 foyer painting frame

I had this DIY canvas propped up on the CraigsList buffet (it’s the little bit of blue you see peeking up behind the large center frame).

But it needed a little more… presence. You know, a little meat on its bones.

01 foyer painting frame makeover before

So I grabbed this thrift store framed print cheap as chips. The glass was missing (didn’t want it anyway). the print was badly faded, and the dark wood frame was not really our taste, so it was due for a little makeover!

02  foyer painting frame makeover before removing the print

I removed the paper backing and then, using pliers, removed all the staples holding in the print and thick card backing.

2 frame aging steps 1 2 3
Then, other than not leaving it out overnight, I followed the steps from my last frame tutorial pretty closely.
03 foyer painting frame in preogress detail
I worked quickly and loosely, slathering on two layers of acrylic craft paint, allowing dry time between layers.
04 foyer painting frame makeover in progress
I used white and antique white paint colors. These are the little 2oz. pots that cost less than $1 each at the craft store. Then once painted, I added DecoArt One Step Crackle (also available where you get craft paints,  inexpensive, and in little 2oz. pots).
06  foyer painting frame makeover

So after I slapped on a couple of coats of paint, added a little crackle, sanded, and watered-down-painted the nooks and crannies, I called her done!07 foyer painting frame makeoverNow this frame… well, it still looks old, but now in a good way.08 foyer painting frame makeoverIt’s a nice chunky 3″+ frame that takes my dinky 16″ x 20″ canvas and beefs it up to 22.5″ x 26.5″.09 foyer painting frame makeoverAnd the combination of slapped on paint, a light sanding, a glopped-on crackle finish, and a watery brown wash is just right, in my book.10 foyer painting frame makeover11  foyer painting frame makeover12  foyer painting frame makeoverThe canvas just slides into the opening in the back and is secured to the frame with a few staple gun staples shot in at an angle.13 foyer painting frame makeoverYay, much better!14 foyer painting frameYou can really see the difference in the size when you compare the heights against the lamps.15 foyer painting frame on buffet afterSo with the extra 6.5″ of height and width, it was ready to hold its own on the buffet.16 foyer painting frame makeoverAnd it looked even better all hung up.
foyer canvas thrift store frame makeover before and after

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