Quickie Frame Makeover: Aged To Perfection

You may remember last month when I contemplated turning to a life of crime in order to secure this lovely little painting that hangs in the front room of my in-laws’ house.

red roof church painting

In the end, of course, I decided that DIY is a better way to go. So rather than turn to a life of crime and just tuck the painting into my suitcase when we left, I determined to make my own version of it. I snapped several photos for reference.

 1 before frame
So when I saw this frame at Salvation Army for $5.99 a couple of weeks after our visit, I knew it was a perfect contender for this makeover. I removed the backing, photo, and glass.
frame aging before and after
But how do I get from someone’s 90’s piano recital to the rustic little red church antique frame??
2 frame aging steps 1 2 3
To age the frame, I was hoping for a downpour or some really nasty weather for me to subject the frame to, but alas, the weather has been so agreeable! What’s a girl to do?! 1) I put some water on the frame and left it outside in the sun for a day. It didn’t really seem to do much… besides intimidate the frame into submission? ;-)   2) Next, I slathered creamy-white paint all over the frame. I was not particularly worried about perfect strokes or 100% coverage. 3) Once the paint was dry, I added a layer of DecoArt One Step Crackle. I literally just squirted it straight onto the frame and then spread it out.
3 frame aging step 4
Once the crackle dry, I sanded the edges and some surfaces with a fine grit sandpaper. If I sanded back more than I wanted to, I just added back a little cream paint: easy fix! I worked fast and kept it loose.
4 frame aging step 5
Next, I added a tiny bit of dark brown paint to a small cup of water and painted it all over the frame so amply that I might as well have just poured it on! Once I got it in all the nooks and crannies, I wiped and blotted it back off with paper towels. It’s nice to leave it in the corners and crevices, where dirt and dust would naturally accumulate over the years.
5 frame aging after
And voila! In about ten minutes (plus drying time), you can have a hundred-year-old frame, aged to perfection!


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