Life Of Crime or DIY? {for the love of a painting}

If you hear about a robbery at my in-laws’ house, you’ll know what happened.

It was me.

I always do an internal gasp-swoon when I see this painting in their front room. Have for years. I have a bit of a crush.

So I took a couple of moments this past trip to snap some photos and try to identify why I love it so.

First, I love the look, colors, and style. The accent of rusty red is just delicious against the subtle greens and blues.

This church speaks to our life, and the setting looks like it could have been painting somewhere right where we live.

I love the way that what [in extreme close-up] can look like a big mess of random brushstrokes is actually a serene pastoral scene.

And look at the corner of the painting there: the paint doesn’t even go to the edge… I kinda love that about it. Beautiful imperfection. Looks like just a piece of wood, not a traditional canvas, too, like thin plywood. So the surface has all these great cracks where it’s dried out… Which only adds to its value in my eyes.

Oh my gracious, and then there’s that frame. Just chipped and weathered and aged to absolute perfection. Looks like maybe a layer of gold and of grey under the white? Lovely. I bet that frame’s got stories to tell.

Yes, this painting is DEFINITELY on my to-do hit list. You know, I mean if I decide not to turn to a life of crime and just hijack it. And I’ve never worked with oil paints before… But I’m thinking, maybe I can DIY this? Possibly? If I hold my breath and stick out my tongue as I work?? *sigh*

So, hopefully there will be a theirs & mine update post in the future! Wheeeeee!

Anyone else out there ever just fall in love with a painting? [Ever stop to identify why you love it so?]


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4 responses to “Life Of Crime or DIY? {for the love of a painting}

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  3. I’m hooked on your blog, by the way..just bumped into it this morning, thanks for sharing your creative endeavors, their very inspiring!


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