Super Easy Way To Preserve Hydrangeas {that actually works}

I’ve tried at least a half a dozen ways to preserve hydrangeas over the past year or two, purportedly “sure fire” methods from google searches and pinterest that just haven’t worked out (is it just me??). My latest unsuccessful run at it involved keeping the hydrangeas in a vase of water until they perfectly dried out. How did I even think that would work?

But after I painted a few stripes on the ol’ upcycled-pallet herb trough last month, I added some fresh hydrangeas cut from the garden.

In an attempt to keep them their perfect pale green, I sprayed them with a coat of Valspar spray gloss that I had on hand.

Although they’ve been tucked up there on top of the china cabinet for weeks, they still look good as new! YAY! A simple solution that finally actually works! Huzzah!

So, anyone else out there suddenly find a simple solution for something? I love that! Do tell!


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3 responses to “Super Easy Way To Preserve Hydrangeas {that actually works}

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