Pick Your Plum {review & giveaway}

After having perused the Pick Your Plum site for ages–that website that has new crafty, decor, or apparel deals each day–I finally gave it a try and ordered. They change each day, and they’re always cheap as chips!

Pick Your Plum review & giveaway 001

I spent under $20 for five items (including shipping). What sold me on the company is these scarves. I got two, and at under $5 each, I thought I’d be getting what I paid for, but they would still be fun. I was so completely surprised by the quality and texture that I wrote the company to see if they wanted to do a giveaway for us over here at the Camp, and they said YES! Hooray!  🙂

Pick Your Plum review & giveaway 002

The third item from my original box is this oversized iron key; it was $1.99. [This would be great if you do Santa but don’t have a fireplace. Just hang it on the front door handle on Christmas Eve.]

Pick Your Plum review & giveaway 003

But I just love the way it looks, maybe hung on a hook rack with a bit of burlap ribbon? I couldn’t tell exactly how big it was from the PYP site, so I was very pleased when it arrived. [The fourth and fifth things I got were some more washi tape, $1 each. I love the stuff and use it for crafts and notes all the time.]

Pick Your Plum review & giveaway 004

But here’s the official plum box they sent me to share with you! It had a scarf, giftbags, wallet, masking tape stickers, a wrist cuff, a little notebook, wooden gift tags, a 6-pack of ribbon bows, and–of course–some laffy taffy. [They put laffy taffy in with every order. I kinda love that.]

Pick Your Plum review & giveaway 005

The pack of masking stickers is so fun. There are all sorts of designs, and the stickers are in wide strips, narrow strips, and circles.

Pick Your Plum review & giveaway 006

I used a few of them to decorate the little black faux leather ring notebook. It is the perfect mini version of my bigger scripture art doodle book, so now I can keep it on the go and not have to fish out a million little scraps of paper from my purse!

Pick Your Plum review & giveaway 007

I think they are also fun added to these giftbags. Polka dots layered on polka dots, love it! And these giftbags are perfect for sharing treats with teachers for National Teacher Appreciation Week (going on now), or for end-of-year treats!

Pick Your Plum review & giveaway 008

Also in my plum box were this cute little wooden gift tags, perfect for adding a touch to a handmade gift this week. I’m also thinking of painting and personalizing one for Sis’s lunchbox tag: her name and polka dots on the front with our phone numbers on the back!

Pick Your Plum review & giveaway 010

Of course Sis wanted in on the action, and this little red wallet/mini purse is right up her alley.

Pick Your Plum review & giveaway 011

Add her upcycled navy stripe pants, and we are all ready for the Fourth of July already, and it’s only May, yippee!

Pick Your Plum review & giveaway 012

And it boasts enough pockets to satisfy even this girl. 🙂

Pick Your Plum review & giveaway 013

Her other treat are the bows. They came in a pack of six, and all I did was slip an alligator clip under the ribbon at the back. It took all of two seconds. And I’m so glad, because bows are tedious (for me, at least) to make, and sis ends up wearing out or tearing up bows as she goes, so this is a nice replenish!

Pick Your Plum review & giveaway 014

They are totally fun to clip in hair, on shirts, and on shoes!

Pick Your Plum review & giveaway 015

They also sent me a mint lightweight scarf.

Pick Your Plum review & giveaway 016

It’s such a breezy weight and color that it’s perfect for spring and summer!

Pick Your Plum review & giveaway 017

And finally, I got this cutie grey faux-leather cuff. It is right at home next to my Tiffany bracelet. It adds great texture and interest to an otherwise boring outfit (like above) of a cardi and khaki shorts.

ALL this was stuffed inside a $25 plum box, and they want to send you one too stuffed full of an assortment of goodies (the laffy taffy will be there, but who knows what else?!).

Pick Your Plum review & giveaway 018

So! Go enter the giveaway for your own $25 plum box!! [click picture above or here to go directly to the Rafflecopter giveaway!] Ends Friday, May 9th at 11:59p.m. Winner will be announced on Monday, May 12th, 2014. Then they will stuff a box full of goodness and send it straight to your door!

Pick Your Plum review & giveaway 019

Now go peruse some of the goodness offered every day at PYP, and good luck winning, wheee!

Disclaimer: The pictured plum box and enclosed items were provided free of charge by Pick your Plum for the purposes of this review. I’m not selling anything–I just like to share a good deal with my friends!–however Pick Your Plum does offer me an affiliate percentage of any sales that originate from my site. All opinions are 100% my own. 🙂


7 responses to “Pick Your Plum {review & giveaway}

  1. Ok Gina….I am in LOVE with your blog post today! What a nifty little box of goodies! Thanks for sharing!


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  5. I had a different experience than you did with Pick Your Plum. Some of the items were exactly what I expected and I like them. Others were extremely cheap ~ not even worth the discounted price. I bought a scarf that is literally just a piece of fleece cut in a rectangle. I also bought a leather make-up brush holder, that is really small and doesn’t fit even an average size make up brush. When I looked into returning the items I didn’t like, I found out they don’t make exchanges or returns unless it’s broken or wrong. So be aware, the 30 day guarantee doesn’t apply if you just don’t like it. The things I didn’t like were enough to keep me from taking any more chances with PYP. Just fyi 🙂


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