The MINI-Pedi: How To Paint Toddler Toenails

Now let’s just get one thing straight: I have not always been a successful girly-girl.

high school dance

I might have aspired to such a status when I was younger, but wearing makeup and effectively “fixing” my hair were just not fortes in my nerdy, chess-club-founding school career. [Here I am as a junior in high school.] I didn’t pierce my ears or even once paint my nails until I went off to college. So while other moms of little girls might be WAY ahead of the curve in all things froufy daughter, I hope to make up for my lack of girly know-how with a dose of creativity and a whole lot of enthusiasm.

painting little toenails 06 Miss Mandi

When our completely adorable babysitter painted Sis’s finger- and toenails one evening, Sis LOVED it. And I was launched into somewhat uncharted motherhood waters. I mean, how do you paint a squirmy toddler’s toenails without making a big fat mess of them?

painting little toenails 01

What I needed was a pair of those fancy-schmancy toe-separators. So, using what I had, I grabbed one “cosmetic round,” you know, those foamy makeup applicator thingies?

painting little toenails 02

I cut the circle in half and then cut three little slits and triangles out of each.

painting little toenails 03

So you have four little wedges to fit between five sweet little toes. A perfect fit for these three-year-old tootsies.

painting little toenails 04

Voila! Perfect little bitty toe-separators!

painting little toenails 05

Those, along with a reasonably steady hand, get the job done. [Although I’m still no good at all the little flowers and embellishments that Miss Mandi can do on the big toes!]

I hope this hot tip helps you and your little ladies, wheeee!


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