The Tanning/Hair Spray Booth {you already have in your home}

Ah, spring. The weather is warming right up and summer is on the horizon. It’s the time of year I feel a little compelled to apologize for my lily-white legs… to family… and friends… and, you know, random strangers at the grocery store. My pasty jambons should come with sunglasses and a warning label. But alas, what’s a [pale] British girl to do?

spray booth 01

Yes, I confess: I’m a fan of the can tan. But the overspray? Umm, not so much. [Some of you fight this battle with hair spray too, I’m sure.]

But wait! I’ve got a solution for you! Yay! It’s a spray booth you’ve already got in your home, one that will contain the overspray without creating any extra work  because you clean it all the time already!

spray booth 03

Your shower! Yes, whether you have a glass enclosed or curtained shower, this little tip and trick works like a charm. So spray away–be it tanner or hair spray–and the mist will all be contained in your own personal spray stall. 🙂

Anyhoo, I thought this was pretty handy when I finally figured out to give it a try. Hopefully it’s not something that everyone else has been doing for-evah and I’m totally a day late and a dollar short! Hope it’s useful to you! Now, onward and upward to tackle swimsuit season, huzzah!


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