How To Print On Post-It Notes {the fastest, simplest way}

A few weeks ago, I was putting together the Teacher Appreciation Week letter to send home to our class families, and I wanted to include a reminder of when one of the sheets needed to be returned, but I did not want to print that reminder on the sheet since the returned sheets would become pages in a memory book gift for our teachers.

Teacher Appreciation Week letter home 04

So I thought why not put a sticky note on each one with the reminder date… But UGH, writing out 20 reminders did NOT appeal. And I couldn’t do a sheet of mailing labels like I did on the envelopes, so I thought I’d give printing on post-it’s a try!

And y’all, it was ridiculously easy!

print post-its 01

All you have to do is open a Word document, make two columns (>page layout >columns >two), each 2.5″ wide (for the 3″ wide post-it, then type your text, three per column and leaving space in between each. They do not have to be lined up between columns or perfect or anything, except under 3″ in length (to fit on a 3″ x 3″ post-it).

print post-its 02

Print a “template” page.

print post-its 03

Then cover the print with the post-its.

print post-its 04

You can see right through the post-its to center your text if you want, but if the text is covered, you know it will be on the post-it when you print!

print post-its 05

Then, place your template with blank post-its back into the printer feed as normal, face down with the sticky top of the post-its nearer to the printer, and hit PRINT!

print post-its 06

Your printer will print the exact same sheet again, only this time, it will be printing on your post-its! Then just peel off the post-its and stick them where you want!

print post-its 07

Of course, my original application was for printing twenty of the same reminder to parents, but you can print little notes for lunch boxes or to put on the coffee maker… These are great for teachers too–maybe you need to make the same notation on several papers, just print out a page or two of post-its? Or design a summer scavenger hunt for your kids using these as bright clues! Leave a trail of arrows for your spouse with a favorite meal or treat at the end…

I love that these takes just spare minutes. No formal template (although, I did google this today to see how others have tackled it, and there are templates out there if you are so inclined), no muss, no fuss. Just a good ol’ heapin’ of GIT ‘ER DONE. So fun! Wheeeeeeeee!


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