Tips For Organizing The Mommy Mobile

Sometimes you’ve got to put the swagger back in the wagon, y’know? We’d reached that point when the minivan had become a veritable french fry and goldfish graveyard. So the kids and I unloaded everything out of it and set to work. I used an extension cord to run my vacuum tube attachment. That is some good old fashioned instant gratification right there. I sucked up all the dirt and crumbs in sight.

The boys enjoyed spraying resolve foaming carpet spray on the five foot mats, and we left those out on the front path to dry.

They also enjoyed getting soaked washing the outside of the vehicle and detailing my tires. Well done, boys. Any time you can involve your kids in chores in a way that feels like playing, it’s a win in my book!

But here are a couple of tips I love to keep my mommy mobile fully operational:

1. I have an old kleenex box stuffed to the gills with plastic shopping bags. These bags are PERFECT to have on hand to corral trash, wet clothes, stinky diapers, etc. SUPER USEFUL without having a mess of bags everywhere! I highly recommend this organizational “device” for all mammas.

2. I also recommend an organizing container or bag. This helps me keep items from sliding around and off the seat or becoming clutter. I keep this cute Lands’ End tote on my front passenger seat when I don’t have a passenger (it easily moves out of the way when I do have a passenger). The tote holds a notepad & pen, a couple of kids’ magazines, big bro’s school pick-up line sign, a bible, a box of kleenex, and the kleenex box of trash bags.

3. I also keep a pump bottle of hand sanitizer in the cupholder right where the boys climb in. I’m a germ killah.

However… About this problem (below), you’re on your own, I’m afraid.

So that’s how I try to keep the CampClem rolling command center in good order… What about you, any car clutter controllers you’d like to share?


15 responses to “Tips For Organizing The Mommy Mobile

  1. What a great tip about the Kleenex box. I’ll be using that one right away even though I’m the only one making the messes in my car these days. 🙂 Enjoy these mommy moments while they are present. Great Post.


  2. I have a clear plastic bin in between the boys two seats with books, toys, dry erase boards and dry erase markers. Great place to corral their stuff. Hand Sani in doors and reusable grocery bags in catch-all section of driver’s door. Oh, and a stash of lollipops in glove compartment for emergencies!!!

    Thanks for the tips Gina! Will be adding the tote idea to my front seat.


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