Polka Dot Pocket, Ric-rac Trim, And Ruffles {adding fun to a girl’s tunic}

When I saw this Amy Butler fabric, it completely spoke to me…

tunic fabric

It said, “Hey! Take me home and make me into a tunic for Li’l Sis.” And really, who am I to argue with a print like that?

The pieces you see above are the raw cut pieces, a sleeve on either side, and the front and back of the bodice (folded in half together) in the middle.

tunic outside (353x470)

To make this basic tunic, you can just make a super simple peasant dress, only shorter, or you could construct them very much like a pair of ruffle pants, only with a third “leg” for the bodice.

tunic completed on cutting board

This came together fast and easy. I decided to add a couple of fun details, like some ric-rac trim, a ruffled neckline, and a little pocket.

tunic sleeve detail ric rac

Do you know how to add ric-rac trim? I was so intimidated and impressed by it for ages until I realized how actually very simple it is to add. [I’ll share a tute on how to do it some time, m’kay? Wheee!]

tunic neckline detail

For the little ruffle on the neckline, I added a row of stitches all the way around the neckline seam, about a quarter-inch from the top/edge/opening. Then I added my channel for the elastic and elastic as usual. This creates a lovely little ruffle effect with the quarter-inch of fabric sticking up. Cute!

tunic pocket detail

Oh my goodness! And then there is this cute little pocket! Sis loves to ask for a penny or two out of the change when i go to the grocery store,so I thought I pocket might be just the ticket for her.

tunic pocket outside (470x353)

She literally has asked every single day since I made this if today‘s outfit has a pocket. I’ve created a monster. [Pockets are also insanely easy to make and attach, oh I MUST share a tute on that!!]

tunic full view (470x353)

Originally I thought I’d pair this top with the pants I made for this aqua outfit, but I decide the blousy volume of this poet-type shirt would be best paired with leggings. Gah! And I was RIGHT! SO very adorable!!

tunic details in action

Oh my gracious, speaking of poet-style shirts… I think I also need to share a tute on how to make a cutie little girl’s beret. They are actually quite simple too! OH! That would be marvelous indeed! [Hmm… So I think I’ve created quite a bit of sewing tutorial action for myself in this post!! Can’t wait to share!!]

tunic pocket & ric rac (470x353)

So, what is your favorite detail to add to (or see on) an article of clothing! Do tell, and maybe I’ll tackle and share how to do it!! Wheeeeeeeee!


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