Sewing Tutorial: Easy Two-Minute Patch Pocket

My daughter is completely crazy about pockets right now. My little lady needs a spot to keep the penny or two I often give her after paying at the grocery store, so I added a pocket to her latest mommy-made article of clothing. She now wants a pocket (or two) on everything. I might have created a monster. [a really cute, adorable, spunky monster, that is]

tunic pocket & ric rac (470x353)

Lucky for us, patch pockets are as easy as they are adorable, and even a novice seamstress can pull off one with relative ease!

01 two-minute patch pocket tutorial fabric pieces

1. First, cut two pocket shapes–one out of pocket fabric and the other out of liner fabric–about half and inch all the way around bigger than you want your finished pocket to be. [I’ve cut four here because I was making two pockets, so I have two of the brown gingham liner fabric and two of the green polka dot pocket fabric… Really, a plain fabric works just fine for the pocket liners, but I love a little added surprise…]

02 two-minute patch pocket tutorial fold under flap

2. Next, fold under the top of each piece, both the liner and the pocket, about half an inch. [I simply scored these folds with my nail, but an iron also helps them lay flat, if you are so inclined.]

03 two-minute patch pocket tutorial sew together

3. Place right sides together and sew around the curved edge.

04 two-minute patch pocket tutorial curve sewn front

[You should end up with something like this.]

05 two-minute patch pocket tutorial curve sewn liner trimmed

4. Trim off the excess fabric, preferably with pinking sheers, if you have them, to avoid fraying and to help your pocket lay flat.

06 two-minute patch pocket tutorial right side out

5. Turn your pocket right-side-out.

07 two-minute patch pocket tutorial peek between layers

[This is a peek inside. So basically, you have a free-standing “pocket” with an unfinished opening.]

08 two-minute patch pocket tutorial sew closed

6. Sew along the top of the pocket to close the opening.

09 two-minute patch pocket tutorial attach

7. Finally, sewing around the very edge of the curve, attach your pocket to your garment fabric.

10 two-minute patch pocket tutorial attached

And that’s it! SEW SIMPLE!

11 two-minute patch pocket tutorial liner surprise

A pocket is a great way to add style AND function to a piece of clothing. And I love the little peek-a-boo of a contrasting fabric!

12 two-minute patch pocket tutorial button

You could leave as-is or add a little button just to the pocket front to add even more personality. I added ric-rac to that last pocket, the one on the tunic, so I’ll have to show you how easy that is to do, too, if that’s your druthers!

So, who’s going to add a little pocket to something now? Sissy will be so pleased! Wheeeeee!


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