Whipping Up A Few Baby Shower Art Gifts

Three totally cute girlfriends of mine just dropped or are about to drop the baby bomb…

sweettea two for the price of one Aug 2010

So it was with completely fond memories of some girlfriends throwing me (and pals) a triple baby shower that I was all about jumping on-board when a friend asked about showering these lovely ladies with some baby shower goodness! [That’s me–above, left–about six months prego with Sis.]

10 baby shower art

Their turn! 🙂

01 baby shower art

I wanted to make something personalized and special for these friends, so I set to work on three custom canvases. First, I painted the background a solid color, two a pale green and one pale blue.

02 baby shower art

Then I painted a dress on each of the girl canvases to match the nursery colors and a blue shirt/jersey on the boy canvas. [Umm… ignore that one on the right as it is LONG overdue for a friend and still not done! Shame on me!!]

03 baby shower art detail

Next we did the fun part: adding details!

04 baby shower art

Cole’s jersey got his dad’s old number 47.

05 baby shower art

06 baby shower art

And the girls got their names along with some smocking and pleating touches.

07 baby shower art

Painting therapy and gift-giving rolled into one? WIN!

11 baby shower art

Hopefully the girls loved them!

12 baby shower art

Here’s a slightly better photo with the colors amped up, too, huzzah!

So, anyone else going to put paint to canvas now?! Could be brilliant, wheeee!


Of course: DIY art? I’m so there! Want to see more…

LINK Beautiful Butterfly Easy Textile Canvas Art

LINK craft switch paper bunting turned canvas art

LINK Kids’ Art + God’s Word {simple DIY keepsake canvas}


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