Matilda Jane Giveaway WINNER! …and a birdie outfit makeover

Hooray for WINNING!! Well, despite a network that is on the fritz [read: dead.], I am still happy today because I get to share who wins the $50 Matilda Jane clothing gift card giveaway, wheeee!

But first… Another little clothing makeover for Sis…

Can I just let you in on a little secret? I don’t actually love some of the things I make for Sis. I’m trying to get better about choosing fabrics and styles I love, but it’s a work in progress.

blue ppl skirt birdie shirt 12

Such was the case with the above outfit. The skirt just wasn’t doing it for me somehow.

bird shirt ruffle pants 01

So I thought I’d tweak the skirt a bit…

bird shirt ruffle pants 02

But after removing the skirt’s elastic, I decided to just go a different direction, so I made–wait for it, huge shocker here–a pair of ruffle pants.

bird shirt ruffle pants 05

Of course, you KNOW the pocket also had to make the jump! Easy enough to remove this patch pocket from the skirt and add it to these pants.

bird shirt ruffle pants 06

Ahhhhh, much better.

bird shirt ruffle pants 5

Now everybody’s happy!

bird shirt ruffle pants 04

Hey, but wait! Someone’s about to be a LOT happier!!

19 matilda jane giftcard

The kind folks over at helped me select a lucky winner for the Matilda Jane Clothing giftcard!

[drum roll please…]

matilda jane giftcard winner

Congratulations, Carol Silva!! I actually had the pleasure of meeting Carol at a MOPS International event I was speaking at a couple of months ago. Yay, you! I hope your little girl (and/or YOU) LOVE whatever you choose! OH! And just an insider tip: the new Matilda Jane season’s release is February 1st, so you might want to hold on to that $50 giftcard and use it then! Either way, WHEEEEEEE!

Thank you to everyone who shared, liked, tweeted, and pinned! Stay tuned as I am will continue to bring you fun giveaways from products and companies that I BIG PUFFY HEART!!


2 responses to “Matilda Jane Giveaway WINNER! …and a birdie outfit makeover

  1. Awwe! Haha, Sentimental Sally over here- crying! Lol. Thank You! You’re such a blessing Gina. Everything you share from your heart, from being transparent to your creations and, those outfits you make! You just ooze creativity. Thank you for sharing! I’m so glad I met you. 🙂 God Bless!
    Little Miss Sophia will enjoy her Matilda Jane! This came at just the right time, she’s been sick all week. Shopping makes every girl feel better! Funny thing: Dot usually win drawings or contests…so what a blessing!
    In your words: “WHEEEEEEE!!!”


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