Little Girl’s No-Sew Romper-To-Shirt Upcycle

When our friend took some family photos of us last summer, Sis wore the sweetest little aqua and yellow ruffled romper.

kids on stairs

But the 18-24 month size outfit isn’t quite jiving with her tall, almost-three-year-old self…

romper to shirt upcycle 043

…So it is time for a quick makeover!

romper to shirt upcycle 046

The construction is pretty simple, just a white bodice with the ruffles layered on. The arm openings are still plenty big, so this romper was a prime candidate to become a top!

romper to shirt upcycle 050

My plan was to cut the romper off right under the lowest row of ruffles (the yellow fabric) and make it into a shirt.

romper to shirt upcycle 051


romper to shirt upcycle 055

Well, that took all of twenty seconds.

romper to shirt upcycle 054

And since the cut part is completely covered by the yellow ruffle, and because I used my pinking sheers to cut off the bottom, I didn’t even bother hemming.

romper to shirt upcycle 058

And there you have it: easiest upcycle ever!

romper to shirt upcycle 061

Oh! And how marvelous does this “new” top look with the pants I made recently?

romper to shirt 1


romper to shirt 2'

So, have you ever made-over a piece of clothing? Do tell!


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