How To Turn an Old Dress into a New Skirt {In Five Minutes Flat}

Anyone else HATE to see their little darling grow out of a favorite dress? Now there’s a great way to let the cuteness live on! Here is a fast, easy, no-cost way to turn your little girl’s too-small dress into a lovely new skirt!

First, cut off the top, leaving enough fabric to turn over a hem.

Then “measure” your daughter’s waist by holding a piece of unstretched 3/4″ elastic around it. Overlap the elastic an inch or two & sew it to itself to form a closed loop.

Then fold it under the new waist hem and sew the waist closed making sure not to sew on the elastic as you go around (below left). When you seem to run out of elastic before you run pout of waist hem, simply lock your needle down and pull the elastic out of the tunnel you’ve already sewn (below right).

THAT’S IT! You’re done! Your daughter’s too-small dress is now a just-right skirt!

And you can even use the scrap bit you cut off the top to make a fabric flower (using this tutorial), sew that to a top, and you’ve got a whole new outfit! NEAT!


Easy, fast, and free! Three of my favorites together in one craft! What will you upcycle today?


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6 responses to “How To Turn an Old Dress into a New Skirt {In Five Minutes Flat}

  1. I definitely like this idea, not so much for kids as for myself! I find a lot of dresses that I like the look of, but very few of them could ever fit me because I’m rather, er, large up top, so to speak. But the skirt would still fit me, and sometimes the price is right so that I should buy the dress and just remake it into something that I know would fit me and that I’d wear. (And the leftover fabric would be great to play around with for other small projects, too!)

    Thanks for the inspiration!


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