Stripey Shirt Says Buh-Bye Blue {cue the scissors}

I know. I have a slight thing with taking scissors to my clothes. What’s a girl to do?!

01 striped shirt redo

Here’s the latest victim er, project, before. It’s a simple striped t-shirt from GAP with a contrast trim at the neckline. But I just wasn’t feeling the blue. And as you know from our other t-shirt adventures, jersey doesn’t fray…

02 striped shirt redo

…So I just cut off the collar. [And, actually, I am wearing this backwards because the scoop neck became a little too scooped for my taste after I chopped off the collar. But the lower back looks just marvelous, so there you have it!]

I kinda like it. I feel all loungy and hip in it, like, “hey look at me, my shirt just casually falls off my shoulder like that. I’m so cool I can deal with that sort of asymmetry in my life.” [Of course, I cannot deal with showing bra straps–not a trend I’ve been able to get on board with–so a tank underneath makes this top work for me.] 🙂

Hooray for scissors!

So what do you think? “Fantastic, a little edgy and punk suburban mom” …or more like “Oh girl, put those scissors away. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.”


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9 responses to “Stripey Shirt Says Buh-Bye Blue {cue the scissors}

  1. I loved that you were not afraid to take the scissors to the neckline of the shirt. I have done that to sweat shirts that were too high around the collar. Great for summer! Good job


  2. Haha. That’s great. I like it. I will not get on board with the bra strap showing trend, either. I like those kinds of tops with tanks, too. Good job! 🙂


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