Just Thankful {for this guy}

Very thankful that my personal facebook newsfeed is no longer clogged with political propaganda but instead with daily expressions of thanksgiving. Phewf! And I have to tell you one big blessing I’m majorly thankful for this week:

This guy right here.

Because after his working Friday night, Sunday morning, Sunday night, twelve hours Monday, twelve hours Tuesday, and fourteen hours Wednesday, he woke up to a very sick wife Thursday.

So instead of a day of laying low and taking it easy, he jumped straight into Super Daddy role. He made sure diapers were changed (repeatedly), breakfasts were eaten, hair was combed, teeth were brushed, lunches were packed, two kids were shuttled to and from school at two different drop off and pick up times, naps were taken, groceries were bought, kids were fed, homework was done, baths were taken, teeth were brushed (again), stories were read, prayers were said, and all the other million little things in between…

And you know what else? He also cleaned the kitchen, unloaded, loaded, and unloaded the dishwasher, and offered to fold laundry.

And lest you think he did so begrudgingly, he also counted it a blessing to have extra special times with our children individually and together, and was happy to play nurse to me with loving affection.

THIS GUY never stops surprising me. And after a dozen years of marriage, I hope you can say the same of your mate.

He is our leader, our hero, our champion, our warrior.

And I am thankful.

So, anyone else out there want to offer a shout out of thanksgiving for your spouse? C’mon, it’ll feel good!


4 responses to “Just Thankful {for this guy}

  1. He is a wonderful man who has a long line of wonderful men in his life; Ron, Gr Grandpa Hobie, Burr. We are indeed blessed!

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  2. So thankful for my husband and his quick to forgive spirit, his way of always making me laugh at just the right time, and for telling me at least a couple times a day he loves me. It never gets old, even after 8 years together (5 dating and 3 married)!

    Thanks, Mrs. C, for uplifting marriage and setting a wonderful example for those of us just starting out on this journey!


  3. Yes I am so very thankful for my husband of 19 1/2 years. He really does have a servant’s heart. He is a great leader with our family, he is not only a leader but he is the protector of our family (5 children) After a long day at work he comes home and is there to help my youngest with her homework, he is patient and gentle with all of us, yet not a push over. He also makes sure our day starts off with reading the word and praying together as a family and at the end of our evening meal we once again read the word together and pray. He is quick to help with dishes. He is forever moderating a dispute. He challenges the boys to be men and the girls to be ladies. Treats me like a princess. My prayer for my children is that the boys are like their dad and the girls marry a man like him. I am blessed. Thanks for allowing me to be able to brag about my husband.


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