How To Bless A Friend {who’s having a tough day}

I have a friend who had a tough day a while back. And I just hurt for her. I wanted to walk down the hall next to her, with my arm of friendship around her, and look straight into the eyes of anyone who might kick her when she was down.

thinking of you flower

So I got a little flower and tied on a little ribbon and added a little note and left it on her porch. “Thinking of you…”

And sometimes it’s just that simple.

How can God use you to bless and encourage someone today? Wheeeeeee!


3 responses to “How To Bless A Friend {who’s having a tough day}

  1. Yes – it truly is *that* simple! I can’t tell you the number of times I found flowers or notes left on my front porch after some of the darkest days in my life. Such an easy gesture with HUGE and LASTING benefits to the recipient!


  2. Food. An already made meal is a treat for the cook. And by meal I mean cookies, sausage balls, casserole that is kid friendly…


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