{how to bless someone} With A Simple Meal

If you are blessed to have friends, then you know that at some point the opportunity will present itself to be a blessing and encouragement to them in a time of need. One of my favorite ways to do this is with food! {Can I get an AMEN?!}

Here are a few tips for how [I try] to do it well:

1. Use Disposable Containers

This is my number one tip for taking a meal. With disposable containers so cheap and readily available, it’s an easy tip to follow. Your friends will not be impressed with your fancy china, but they may just deeply appreciate not having to wash any extra dishes. And–BONUS!–there are disposable casserole dishes that you can bake right in, so no extra dishes for you, either! This also alleviates them having to keep track of and return your casserole dishes (DEFINITELY a bonus for the recipients, especially if they are brand new, sleep-deprived, oh-my-gracious-what-have-we-done parents). I love to include some cheery-colored paper plates and napkins, too, which I always seem to have on hand (more dishes not to wash–SCORE!).

2. Consider The Recipients

While you might excel in the culinary arts or maybe are just eager to try out a complicated but potentially spectacular new recipe, now is not the time to go there. Keep it simple. Think about who will be eating your meal (Will any spices offend? Are there children or picky eaters or food allergies to consider? Are there any favorites I can include?). Pasta dishes are a faithful standby for me, easy to double (for my own family’s dinner that night) and usually a crowd pleaser. But if a group of friends has volunteered to bring several days of meals,  you might want to get a feel for what others are making, so the family doesn’t have five nights of pasta in a row.

3. Label Everything

If you are taking a meal to someone, don’t make them guess what anything is: label each item.  I used simple handwritten peel-n-stick mailing labels for this meal.

4. Go The Extra Mile

Making dinner is not exactly my sweet spot in life, but the last thing I’d ever want friends to think is that ministering to them is a burden. It’s actually the opposite, you know?! The mom of a high school friend of mine used to say, “Don’t keep me from my blessings.” She understood that by blessing others, she was the one truly blessed (thanks for modeling that, Kay–you were and are an awesome woman). So do more than just check it off a to-do list: go the extra mile. Include a little note of encouragement–even if it’s as simple as “we love you” or “we’re praying for you”–and tie it all up with a ribbon and little handmade tag.

So, there you have it. What did I miss?!


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20 responses to “{how to bless someone} With A Simple Meal

  1. A mountain biking friend of the family recently took a tumble and broke her right arm in 2 places (one very rare break right below the shoulder joint).. yep, she’s right handed and yep, she’s in a lot of pain. Poor girl.
    My mom and I cooked up a couple of casseroles to take over. She had a ton of food from visitors but not one person brought anything sweet. She’s health conscious, yes, but this woman can put away a cookie or two. This cute idea just struck a cord with me. I have some covered 9″ square cake pans AND I’m making a cake tomorrow (The Drippy Cake recipe I found on Pinterest) and my dear friend is gonna get a sweet treat. Along with plastic plates, cutlery and a little “thinking of you” note.
    Thanks for this awesome idea!!! Found and re-pinned on Pinterest, by the way.


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  3. Great post!!

    At our little church, we used “takethemameal.com” to help coordinate the meals. It made coordinating so much easier and let the people know what to expect. They were also able to tell everyone their preferences. A win/win for everyone. (and it’s free!)


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    • Shannon, it is VERY simple. I love to make a double batch and eat it at our house too that night!
      Just prepare penne pasta as usual (boil 10-12 minutes, then drain), add a bottle of marinara (I love the taste of Newman’s Own Marinara) and cooked diced chicken breasts (3-4 breasts for a 9 x 12 casserole dish, 2-3 for an 8×8), then top with fine shredded mozzarella (a cup or two) & put it in the oven on broil for 1-2 minutes (just to melt the cheese). Done! {You can add a dash of seasoning with parsley, thyme, garlic, oregano, basil, and/or pepper, but it is not necessary since the bottled marinara is already seasoned.}


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  8. Reminds me of my favorite quote from Maya Angelou “When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed”.


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  10. You have some wonderful ideas and thanks for the cheesy chicken pasta dish idea, my dad and a few others will love it a lot! Love the blog which I found through Pinterest~


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  12. Love all your ideas! The way u bring them all to life is pretty amazing. Thanks for all the uplifting words. So refreshing!!


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