Tips On Taking Shadow Portraits {of your kids}

I love to capture my kids on film. I can’t believe how quickly they grow up!

…Sort of like shadows reaching across the late afternoon pavement… Those shadows (and those kids) stretch out quickly!

shadow photos 01

I love the whimsical way a shadow portrait allows you to capture your sweet ones’ silhouettes.

shadow photos 01 flipped

…And sometimes just flipping an image “upside down” makes it right way up. [This is the same photo as the one before, just rotated 180 degrees.]

shadow photos 03

Bright summer mornings and afternoons are great for shadow portraits… [Although, you may want to remember to ask your five-year-old to remove his bike helmet before you commence, wups.]

shadow photos 02

You can make the shadow the focus by placing it in the center of the photo, and–if your child is in the picture–shooting her from behind so her face and sweet smile do not draw the attention. [This little hand holding the bubble blower wand melts my heart!]

shadow photos 04

A shadow can capture action so beautifully too: the twirl of a skirt… the wild tangle of hair… I can practically hear the laughter in this one!

So who’s up for grabbing a few popsicles and heading outside for a photo shoot?! Wheeeee!


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