Five-Minute {white eyelet} Shirt-to-Dress Revamp

I can’t even remember where I got this little top, I think maybe at a thrift shop for a dollar or two. Maybe it was a freebie. I love the eyelet material, so even though it was a girl’s size 14, I tucked it away with my fabric.

001 eyelet shirt to dress

Here it is on my cute little 2.5-year-old. I thought it would make a great dress for her… And the neck is elasticated, so that works, but clearly the width of the body at the sleeves just doesn’t work.

002 eyelet shirt to dress

Thankfully, there’s an UBER-easy, two-step solution. It takes just minutes and is SO simple!!

STEP 1: Just turn the shirt inside out, and sew a “V” down one side and up the other of the armpit seam. Make sure the leave a comfortable opening for the arm to fit through the sleeve.

003 eyelet shirt to dress

[When the get half way through your “V,” just plunge the needle into the fabric, lift the foot, and turn your shirt around, so you can sew the other side of the “V.”]

004 eyelet shirt to dress

So you’ll end up with something like this.

004 eyelet shirt to dress'

[I actually would make my “V” wider if I did this over again because I ended up going back later and curving that seam up towards the edge of the sleeve later, so the sleeve wouldn’t have a droopy shape.]

005 eyelet shirt to dress

Then just cut a slit up the middle (I used pinking sheers to avoid fraying). [Or cut a “V” if you sewed a wider “V.”]

007 eyelet shirt to dress

And that’s it! Turn it right-side-out, and you’re ready to go! Wheeeeee!


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