Li’l Bro Tapes His Siblings To The Wall

{Disclaimer: No Children Were Physically Or Emotionally Harmed In The Making Of This Post.}

So I was sitting around last spring taking some pics of the kiddos…

And I thought hey, why not let li’l bro tape his big bro and sissy to the wall, Jason Lee style?

Um, yeah, ’cause that’s how we roll at CampClem.

Here’s how I did it:

I laid a black sheet on the floor, then “taped down” sissy (using blue tape). She was a squirmy little four-month-old, so I only put tape her around the middle so her arms and legs wouldn’t move the tape/sheet under her. I had to work fast. I stood on a chair right over her so it would be as straight-on a shot as possible. I asked her to act natural and look adorable; well done, sissy.

Then I did the same with big bro but I put tape across his wrists and ankles, too. I asked him to look slightly perturbed. He played the part beautifully.

Next, I pulled the black sheet so it was half on the wall and half on the floor and snapped a pic of li’l bro. See how he looks just perfectly mischievous? Yeah, I didn’t have to direct that pose. THAT he comes by naturally.

Then I snapped a fourth photo of just the entire sheet taped to the wall so I had a plain field to work on.

After I did a little digital cut and pasting, we had a winner. VOILA! Good time had by all.

So what silly, goofy, wonderful ideas pop into your head some days? {And do you carry out those hare-brained schemes?} Do tell. Come on, ‘fess up. Don’t leave me here in Crazy all by myself.  🙂


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4 responses to “Li’l Bro Tapes His Siblings To The Wall

  1. What program did you use to photo shop all of your images to look the way you did? I want to do this with my boys but I’m not sure what program to use to cut and paste images? Thanks!!


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