Go! Felt! Win! {DIY Pennants For Your Kids’ Teams}

Well, li’l bro’s soccer season (and big bro’s baseball season) is upon us! Our exuberant second child is one who brings a party wherever he goes. Loud. Jolly. LOVES being the center of attention. Quick to rebound. {He’s pretty stinking awesome.} So I thought he might appreciate a little extra rah-rah from the sidelines this soccer season. After all, a boy with a four-years-older brother has to spend a great many seasons on the sidelines before he can rush the field!

So, first I got some team-colored felt, scissors, and couple of dowel rods (and some heat’n’bond, not pictured).

I whipped up a couple of pennants out of felt (the sticks from photo above will slip into little pockets on the left sides of the pennants to make them into flags to wave at games)…

I cut out an extra triangle of felt to cut up for the letters (that way I knew they wouldn’t be too tall/wide for the pennant).

Just add heat’n’bond to the felt before you cut out your letters/shapes, then iron them on (below, waiting to be attached to pennant). I freehanded this, but if that happens not to be your forte, I’d recommend inserting a wordart shape in a Word file to layout & print your wording template. Then use the print-out to cut out your felt.

Li’l Bro’s team is The Bears this season, so we added a little bear action to the second pennant… Of course, he thought this looked like a lion. He told me, by way of consolation, that we could call it a lion-bear. *sigh* Oh well! Close enough!

But I had so much felt leftover, I thought I’d make sissy a little cheer gear too…

Wheeee! So how do you craftily RAH-RAH for your kids? Link up!


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