Summer Favorite: Where To Score A Sunhat For $1

It seems like so many shops I go into this time of year have straw sunhats on offer. I’ve been seeing them everywhere, but –OH MY–CHA-CHING–they can be pricey! Especially the ones in fancy boutique-y stores. [I mean, seriously, forty bucks for a bit of woven straw? I don’t think so.] 01 straw hat So I thought I’d share my SUPER thrifty hat deal for all you beach and pool summer mamas who might want one but don’t want to shell out the bucks for this seasonal item. 02 straw hat pool Besides, if you are anything like me, your hat will have to work for a living, be willing to be squished, get wet, etc. Mine is a simple straw hat that I’ve had for two or three years. And let me just tell you, that’s a lot of trips to the neighborhood pool… 03 straw hat beach …not to mention the possibility of being dunked at the beach… 04 straw hat vacay …and packed for vacation. 03 straw hat wet Even soaked, it has held up very well. [I’ve even wrung it out more than a time or two. I just reshape and lay flat or clip hang to dry, and it’s good-as-new the next time I grab it.] 05 straw hat yard So how much, you ask, did I pay for this little piece of head-gearian wonder? One.Dollar. Thankyouverymuch, Dollar Tree. Seriously! Awesome investment. 🙂   [Okay, I know there’s a fine line between cheap and thrifty, but I think this falls into the latter category… I hope!] Either way, anyone else out there find an awesome summer gear score at a great price? Do tell!


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One response to “Summer Favorite: Where To Score A Sunhat For $1

  1. The D.T. is also my go-to place for sunglasses… Some advise against it for sunglasses because the quality can be so poor that it affects vision (supposedly) … however I have never found personal truth in this statement. Since I live in the Pacific Northwest where the sun is not a daily occurrence, I tend to misplace or lose sunglasses. Hence – Dollar Tree! (They can be super cute too.)

    It’s also a great store to go to a few weeks before Saint Patrick’s Day – they have cute green hats and light-up bead necklaces and other fun party-favor things for having an Irish house-party or just for a night out on the town. I LOVE me some Dollar Tree!!!


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