Adding Age And Patina {to the blue china cabinet}

Okay, y’all. Our blue china cabinet. I just big puffy heart love it. I love its shape, its curves, and I love that it is painted a color.

china cabinet antiquing corner before

But somehow, it hasn’t felt quite… right… somehow…

china cabinet antiquing corner after

So a couple of weeks ago, when I was in a bit of a sanding frenzy, I started giving this china cabinet the crazy eye as I walked by…

I thought, “Hmm… I think I’ll just sand this one little corner, just to test out how it might look…”

china cabinet antiquing door before

…And then…

china cabinet antiquing door after

…I’m pretty sure I blacked out for about half an hour.

china cabinet antiquing hardware before

When I came to, I had even sanded the hardware.

china cabinet antiquing hardware after

Now I think it’s just the perfect blend of shine and patina.

china cabinet antiquing drawer

Thirty minutes and a little 80 grit sandpaper. I hit the high spots all over the cabinet and hutch.

china cabinet antiquing drawer detail

*gush* It doesn’t take much to give me great elation!

Yes, that’s me, doing the happy dance. [I don’t have a photo of that, so you’ll just have to use your imagination.]

Have you ever sanded back something just to absolute perfection? Do tell!


Here’s the whole china cabinet story… AND other adventures in sanding…

LINK before and after the craigslist china cabinet goes blue

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LINK Take A Seat In Your Happy Place {my brilliant friends week}


5 responses to “Adding Age And Patina {to the blue china cabinet}

  1. Hi there! New to your blog, and loving all of your work and ideas. I’ve accumulated tons of sturdy thrift-store furniture over the years that’s a bit dark and monochromatic for my taste…looking forward to looking through your old posts for inspiration on how to spice things up. Thanks for sharing your projects!


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