So Maybe High School Wasn’t All Bad After All

Welp, our network is still down at the house, so I’m uploading from the Barnes and Noble coffee shop. Sis is with me today, and she is entertaining herself by playing games on my phone…

2014-01-13 11.43.59

…and snapping unauthorized portraits of me spreading cream cheese on my toasted bagel.

But I digress.

Today I want to share a “before” so marvelous that it merits and “before and after” post before it’s even been touched.

lockers in car

Oh CraigsList, you’ve done right by us once again! When hubs saw this set of lockers listed for $50 on Christmas day, he call the seller fast enough for me! I knew these would go QUICK! Someone was coming to look at them the next day, so hubs asked if the seller was holding them for the other person, and when he said no, my fine husband offered $5 over asking and said he could come straight away to pick them up. WOOT!


The listing photo was okay, but to see them live and in person in my garage is just marvelous. They are a vintage putty color and in amazing condition. OH, the possibilities! For now they are in the garage holding some of the boys’ sports equipment, but…

lockers ikea

How cool would it be to paint them white and add some big graphic numbers, maybe put them in one of the boys’ rooms? They would LOVE that!

lockers weathered white

…Or maybe weather them a bit, but still add numbers for a more cottage, weathered look?

lockers aqua

OH! Or bright and dynamic as a statement piece in the kitchen eat-in area?? Ohhh…

lockers light aqua

Hmm, or maybe still weathered aqua blue but toned down a bit…

lockers built in

Well, and there’s no way we’re doing this, but these built in lockers are pretty stinking cool, too!

Movie stills from "Pretty in Pink".

And–confession–although I was decidedly uncool in high school, I have still stood in the garage, opening and slamming these lockers, just to hear that distinctive sound. It’s nice to be nostalgic when you are a reasonably safe distance from your past nerdiness, I think.

So, anyone care to weigh in? What color should they be?? Where should they go?? Wheeeeee!


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