How A Busy Mom-Of-Three Keeps A Manicure {and you can too}

When I had one child, a dear girlfriend asked me how I kept my nails painted. I’d usually just put on ONE coat, IN the car, AFTER strapping in the little gaffer, and hope for the best…

Now I have three kids… And there is no nail-polishing with them around, period. And who has the time or money (or any inclination, thank you, not my thing) to run to the nail salon? Besides the fact that even if I DID pretty up my nails, they’d be chipped and broken within minutes: I mean I *DO* have two jedi knights living under our roof–things can get rough quick.

But… a few years ago, I thought (partially out of desperation, probably) I’d give some press-on nails a whirl.

They were cheap …and they’d probably look cheap …but at least my sad nails would look a little happier …right?

So here’s the before and after.

And now I swear by them! They are inexpensive (about $5 a set & comes with plenty of selection to fit even my wide, flat, sad nail beds). They are SO fast and easy to put on. The “clean-break” tabs make it so there is NO filing. And they are tough as… well, nails.

And I talk with my hands a LOT, so this added little bit of finish really helps my confidence (is that just silly?).

And when I paint my nails now, I do so long BEFORE I ever put them on–I hold them by the break-off tabs, paint them, then leave them on the bathroom counter overnight–so there is no chance of me (or Miss Busy here) messing up the finish (as I invariably do otherwise!). Bonus!

So do you have any fast & easy super-mommy tips & tricks that you swear by? Do tell!


17 responses to “How A Busy Mom-Of-Three Keeps A Manicure {and you can too}

  1. I swear by these also! Love them, but I bought a little bottle of “nail glue” that I think works a little better and stays put a little longer. I keep it in my purse if they happen to pop off at an I opportune time.


  2. How did I not know this about your nails? All this time I thought you “got your nails did” at a proper salon. They look THAT good! You have made my day…I will be trying these ASAP! Speaking of nails…I had a manicure today at Grove Park…courtesy of my husband and an awesome Groupon deal. The list price of 80.00 for a manicure is crazy…but if it COULD be worth that…it was. I decided to be bold and try the deep purple color. They sent me home with a complimentary bottle! SCORE! As well as a box of truffles…DOUBLE SCORE! Happy Mommy.


  3. Hey Girl – following your blog now, and in looking through your older posts, I was surprised to see MY NAILS in your blog….or no wait – those are YOUR nails, but they could be twins with mine!

    I’ve always shied away from these kind of things, as I use my hands more like a tom-boy than a nancy-girl, but with a $5.50 investment it just might be the thing to make me fell more “fem”.

    I’ll let you know how they go!

    btw…my blog is: if you want to check out what I’m up to in the cookbook world!


    p.s. Tell Bill I said HULLO!


  4. soul sista…….wouldn’t live without them…everyone always asks where I get them done…..I just tell them…..gasp, gasp….my daughter and I share our (very infrequent) stories where one pops off… in the frozen good section of the supermarket and someone comes along and spies something on the ice cream carton and says “Oh my, what is this?”….or dropping one on fooz ball table…and one of the guys yells “interference”…what the heck is that….I KNOW you know what I’m talking about……yours in christ, Ann


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