{a mini recap &} My Favorite Posts From 2012

In just under a month, I will have been blogging for a whole year. It’s hard for me to believe it’s been so long… and so short! I’ve been blown away by the thousands of readers who continue to show up on my bloggy porch each day to see what’s new at CampClem. [Just thank you for that.] How on EARTH does that happen? I’m humbled and amazed.

So after 11 months, 249 posts (I guess 250 including this one), 174 countries, and over 1.3 million views, I’m excited and ready to roll for 2013!

2012 top ten viewed and shared

I was looking at my stats for most shared and most viewed posts, and they are pretty much identical (except for #10). But I thought I’d reminisce about some of my favorite posts from 2012…

Favorite Silly Posts…

LINK {we crack ourselves up} at the dinner table

LINK li'l bro tapes his siblings to the wall

LINK a mother's ode to muck

Favorite How-To Posts…

LINK how to score and refinish a craigslist furniture deal

LINK how a busy mom-of-three keeps a manicure {and you can too}

LINK weekend wear {and how to love your husband}

LINK pretty pieced peasant skirt an easy pictorial tutorial

LINK part 1 how to get twenty pieces of furniture {for under $200}

Favorite Inspirational Posts…

LINK the shell that talked {and the God who cares}

LINK how my five-month-old cured my fear of flying

LINK The {bent down, storm beaten, left for dead} First Bloom

LINK the difference between access and advantage


Oh my gracious, y’all. I just have to say THANK YOU for hanging with me in 2012! I’ve read and heard a bit about what a good blogger should be and do, and I’m SURE not it! So thanks for dropping in, hanging out, and speaking up, friends! You bless me!

Let’s keep building and crafting and growing and walking together in 2013, okay?! Wheeeee!


2 responses to “{a mini recap &} My Favorite Posts From 2012

  1. I have a question. But I rent and aré laylord does not let us do any painting. How can I see any color to the walls

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    • Get huge sheets (like 4′ x 8′) of something lightweight from the hardware store (like styrofoam or fiberboard or foam core or 1/4″ plywood or something like that), cover it with fabric (staple on back) or paint it, and hang or lean against the walls! Voila!!


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