A Mother’s Ode To Muck

delightfully dirty and splendidly soiled

you muddy the clothes over which I have toiled… to clean.

deliciously dusty and marvelously mucky

of having an understanding mom, you’re lucky… I mean

having you kids is such a delight

soon you’ll take wing, leave the nest, take flight.

so dirty and muddy and muck up with glee

’cause that’s how you play and it’s just fine with me.


And perhaps you’d enjoy these other glimpses into our adventures in childhood…


4 responses to “A Mother’s Ode To Muck

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  2. Love the Memphis hat too! Do you live close to there? I may just love your blog even more lol! I am in Alabama but have family in Tn and my 8 year old loves the Memphis Grizzlies. We were searching online last night for a Memphis Tigers shirt!


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