Lunch Here Or Meltdown In The Parking Lot {you choose}

It’s Vacation Bible School (VBS) at our church this week. Imagine about 1300+ kids and volunteers all over the campus and community learning about, sharing, and serving Jesus. It’s pretty awesome… and unbelievably well organized… [I marvel.]

I certainly couldn’t orchestrate and organize this week-long event. But my small part is to be a group guide, this year to sixteen four-year-olds. With the phenomenal assistance of my trusty youth helper (we’ve served together for the past four years, and she’s kinda AWESOME), we travel from a music time to a bible story play to games to snack & craft to another bible lesson performance.

The kids and I are pooped by the end of the morning! When VBS ends each day at 12:15, I immediately break out lunch for my boys while I check out the kids in my group. Then I pick up Sissy (she’s with the other pre-camper, under-three volunteers’ kids each morning) and dole out some more food.

Let’s face it, moms, when your kids are used to eating at noon and the little ones are used to napping right after that, getting home at one or later can turn a little ugly. So I am all about averting the crisis by packing a lunch.

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to effectively juggle having a ministry with meeting your kids’ needs. And as I joked to a few other moms who chuckled to see us plopped down there in the middle of the church foyer: “We either eat here or we melt down in the parking lot.” Seems like a no-brainer to me. 😉

So, do you ever find yourself doing something a little silly in order to make life a little smoother?


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3 responses to “Lunch Here Or Meltdown In The Parking Lot {you choose}

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  2. Our church has VBS at night. All the workers take turns bringing food every night to have supper once the VBS is over. Always a welcome sight when the kids leave! 🙂 Smart planning on your part I say.


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