How To Tell If An Egg Is [Still] Fresh

Ever pull out your eggs–already knee deep in a recipe–on the 11th of the month only to find this, that they “expired” on the 5th? You may just run to the store (or next door if you have great neighbors like I do), but before you throw on your flats and grab your car keys, consider this: Do you think the eggs are fine on the 4th and rotten on the 5th? Not likely. The manufacturers have to add a nice safeguard between their expiration date and the actual spoil date.

Thankfully, there’s a fast & way to check if your eggs are still fresh. Fill up a cup or bowl of water, add a little salt (I’m not even sure the salt’s necessary, but it sure does make the whole process seem more official), and put in the egg.

If it sinks, it’s good. If it floats, it’s a bad egg!

Yay, now bake on!


4 responses to “How To Tell If An Egg Is [Still] Fresh

  1. I use this method all the time too! We never use eggs fast enough! I don’t use salt though. To take it a step further, if it stands on end, it is very fresh. If it lays on it’s side, still good but not as fresh. Floats? Toss it. Thanks for sharing all of your fabulous ideas!


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