Upcycled: Girl’s Dress to Shirt & Skirt

Well, I didn’t get yesterday’s post up in time. But THAT is Spring Break for ya! Sis and I spent almost the entire day at the boys’ school yesterday. It was spring party (and spring fever) central! Now we are easing into a slower pace for the next week. [*deep exhale* …Well, that is, after playing a soccer game (Big Bro), serving at a local prison (Hubs), paintball birthday party (Big Bro), and going to a basketball game (Hubs & Li’l Bro)… Much more of this rest, and we’ll need a break from Spring Break!]

Anyhoo, I’m taking liberty here and posting on a Saturday… mostly because I do not want to put off what’s coming next week for a single solitary post! [Shh, there’s going to be a giftcard giveaway!]

So here’s a bit of Saturday craftiness for ya, wheeee!

button shirt upcycle 01

Just like the last time I turned one of Sis’s too-small-dresses into a maxi skirt with just a couple of snips, I’m up to my old shenanigans!

button shirt upcycle 02

So I cut the straps off an old sundress and quickly twirled them into a couple of flowers. [Simple tutorial here.] Then I added a few buttons, sewn onto a simple, inexpensive tank with complimentary-colored embroidery floss.

button shirt upcycle 03

And SHAZAAM. New outfit.

button shirt upcycle 04

And hello Spring!

button shirt upcycle 05

There’s no real rhyme or reason for the placement of the buttons and fabric flowers. I like them off to the side, maybe a bit like a corsage.

button shirt upcycle 06

Now this old sundress has a new lease on life!

button shirt upcycle 07


So meanwhile, once you are done having yourself just the most glorious weekend, come back here on Monday to see what we’re going to give away! Wheeeeee!


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