Two Minutes to a New Dryer

Does anyone else appreciate the irony of ME giving domestic/housekeeping tips? Yeah, I know, it’s pretty funny.

But if you notice your dryer is taking FOR-EV-AH to dry a load, you might want to check the lint trap: obviously you clean out the lint after every run, but–after that–if you put a little water on the lint trap, does the water puddle rather than run straight through? If so, give it a quick wash (I literally spent two seconds and a couple of pumps of foaming hand soap to give it a quick wash). {You see, the filter gets a sort of cellulose-like build-up on it over time that prevents air from flowing through it freely, and therefore, your dryer isn’t able to dry effectively.}

Then marvel at the speediness of your drying.

You can do more and more laundry…

Then you’ll have more and more laundry to FOLD…

Um… You’re welcome?


7 responses to “Two Minutes to a New Dryer

  1. Seriously!? Is this not obvious? I learned at a very early age that you clean out the lint trap after every use of the dryer (and I’m a guy). Did you just figure this out and think it was cool and new?


    • Oh dear, perhaps I was not clear: I meant to convey that you might want to WASH the lint trap occasionally (as well as removing the lint after every wash). Hope that was clear to everyone else. 🙂


  2. You clearly said: obviously you clean out the lint after every run. Now I will have to try cleaning the lint trap with soap and water! Cool! That is new to me! Thanks for the tip!


  3. I feel kind of silly, because I do empty out the lint trap every time, but I never thought to wash it! I’m going to do it tomorrow:).


  4. Hey Gina. Thanks for the tip! I never thought to actually wash the lint trap. I don’t have any of the foaming hand soap you mentioned but I have the regular kind that should work. 🙂


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