My Fave Printed Pony-hair Flats {get a super-quick fix}

I have had these cheetah printed pony hair* flats for a couple of years now, and I just lurve them.

But I noticed in a recent instagram post that the poor pointy toes are really getting worn down to the bare leather…

cheetah flats toe fix 01

…So they were in need of a little TLC.

cheetah flats toe fix 02

At first I pulled out my hubs’ trusty shoe polishing box and dug through it for some polish… But the result was pretty muddy and buffed right back off all too easily…


But you know me: tangled up, tango on… So then I had the brainy idea to grab a sharpie and loosely continue the cheetah pattern back onto the shoe toes.

cheetah flats toe fix 03

The pattern did not have to be drawn or matched perfectly–it just needed to provide a bit of camo to break up the bare pale leather of the toes.

Who knew it would be so simple?

cheetah flats toe fix 04

And just like that, my favorite flats are back in action, wheeeee!


Speaking of being “back in action,” I am also back in action after a tough month of October. A couple of friends are going through a very tough season and I have been feeling heartbroken over it, so much so that all of a sudden my creative juices just dried right up. It felt so so SO utterly meaningless to be sharing fun crafts and happy life adventures while their life feels on the verge of a precipice. Thank you for  being patient with me! After years of blogging 3-5 times a week with absolute ease, I suddenly had nothing to say. But yesterday, just as suddenly as it departed, all my creative energies came back in a rush! [My friends are still struggling–won’t you join me, if you are a Christ-follower, in bringing them before the throne of grace?–but I am feeling relieved of my heartbreak, allowing the Lord to replace it with HOPE!] 🙂  Anyhoo, my brain synapses have been popping and whirring full-tilt and I have several new posts already planned out, two of which include giveaways coming up, wheeeee!

*Ahem, in other news, can I confess that I googled “what are pony hair flats made of?” Yes I did. And just, you know FYI, in case these sort of quandries keep you up at night too, pondering… They’re not really made of horses.

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