Thrifty, Simple Solution: Lengthen Baby Sleep Sacks

I just love using those zip-up blanket sleep sacks at night for our little daughter. somehow I don’t think I ever used them with our boys. How can that be?? I think when our first was a baby, I was too first-time-mom freaked out that he’d somehow get tangled up and suffocate that I probably wouldn’t have used them even if I had known about them. Hopefully I’m a little less uptight nowadays.

But these little zip-up blankets can be a wee-bit costly once you’ve purchased two or three of them at about $22 a pop, and to upgrade to the next size every six months really starts to add up!

Thankfully, although she’s closing in on two-years-old, our petite little lady’s 0-9 month sleep sacks still fit her great across the shoulders and chest… Her 90th percentile height offers a bit of a challenge in the length department, however! But rather than running out and buying new ones or making some from scratch, I just modified the ones we had! Easy Peasy! Simple sewing and no zippers with which to contend! And you don’t need much fleece–I got a fleece remnant piece at Walmart cheap, maybe $2.

(1) Start by cutting off the bottom of the sleep sack, straight across under the zipper. (2) Then cut a piece of fleece in a square/rectangle twice the length you want to add (plus a bit for seam allowance) and the same width as the opening you just cut in the sleep sack (plus seam allowance). (3) Fold the fleece in half, and (4) cut to round the two bottom corners.

Sew around the left, bottom, and right sides, leaving the extension open at the top.

Then turn the extension right side out. turn the sleep sack inside-out. Tuck the extension piece into the bottom (upside-down) of the sleep sack opening. Sew all the way around to join the two pieces.

When you pull the extension back out (turning it inside out), it will look something like this.

Then turn the whole thing right-side-out, and voila! One bigger wearable blanket!  Awesome. I love an inexpensive, effective solution.

So, do any of y’all have any so-simple-they’re-brilliant solutions? Do tell!


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3 responses to “Thrifty, Simple Solution: Lengthen Baby Sleep Sacks

  1. I just cut the bottom and leave it open.
    Yes, their feet are exposed, but they’re in a footed sleeper. The sack keep them warm while they can walk and stand with their feet out. And when my toddler started began the undressing phase, unzipping her pjs at night, I just used a old, SMALL sack, cut the bottom and put in on backwards with zipper on the back side, over her pjs. This blocked her from unzipping the pjs underneath AND kept her warm!


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