Melted Snowman Buffet

Every winter break, we love to bake and decorate cookies. I thought this go ’round we’d shake it up a bit. And you know how I love a theme, so join that love with our yet-unmet hope for snow this winter, and I thought we’d do a melted snowman buffet. AND all those sweets could be a perfect sugar-fuel for a snow dance, right? So here’s hoping! ;-)

1 melted snowman buffet decorations
I brainstormed snowman parts–mini carrots for noses, raisins for smiles, twizzlers for scarves, M&M’s for eyes, etc.–and pulled what we had on hand for food and decorations. I printed little signs on ice blue cardstock and put a few snowman ornaments on the table for decoration.

2 melted snowman buffet

I put everything into these chunky squat glass vases (they are cheap as chips, and I’ve had them for years–great for flowers and any number of other uses… you know, like melted snowman buffets). They even sort of look like ice… right? [Work with me!]

The kids really took time to appreciate each detail:  the little signs, the decorations, the snowflake-like arrangement of ice-glass dishes…

3 melted snowman buffet diving in

…Ahem, actually, they just totally loved it and dug right in.

4 melted snowman buffet snowmen
They each made a snowman face… [Well, technically, I helped make our two-year-old’s… But she helped by eating it.] It was fun to incorporate a little creativity into this tasty treat.

5 melted snowman buffet snowman noses
Well, at least in the midst of this junk food fest, the carrots were a big hit. Hooray for snowman noses!

6 melted snowman buffet ransacked

Ahhh, a ransacked buffet is a fun time well done in my book. Wheeeeeee!

So, anyone else out there doing a new twist on a family tradition this season?


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