Instant Huge Super-Inexpensive Graphic Art Pieces {using a shower curtain}

I happened to click onto “” the other day (through a facebook link, I think it was?). Anyhow, I ended up stumbling onto some fantastic shower curtains.

shower curtain art home

They’re graphic, bold, and just begging to be more than a water barrier. 1 x 2 lumber lowes So I’m thinking… it would be pretty easy and awesome to build a simple oversized square or rectangle frame out of some wood strips (using four long 1″ x 2″s from the hardware store, attached and reinforced at the corners by metal corner brackets). Then lay the curtain face down with the frame placed on top, fold the curtain to the back and staple it to the back of the frame. Instant huge (super inexpensive) graphic art piece! rope lights target Then, for a real coup de gras, add some rope lights around the inside of the back of the frame using cable staples. since the shower curtain is either thin cotton or peva, the light will illuminate the image brilliantly!

shower curtain girly rooms

Think of the possibilities! And with all these curtains priced between $12 and $29, this is major art for very little dough!

shower curtain art kid roomsAnd what a great way to add color to a lifeless space without the time and commitment of painting! Wheeee! So, anyone out there want to give it a go?! Could be brilliant!

2013-01-02 shower curtain art 6th street design

UPDATE: I just saw this brilliant execution over at 6th Street Design School! Go see for the full tute and reveal!!


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2 responses to “Instant Huge Super-Inexpensive Graphic Art Pieces {using a shower curtain}

  1. You are such a brilliant person! I love the idea! We are currently renting and can’t paint the walls but our children keep asking, this will be perfect!!! Fantastic idea, thank you!!!!


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